Food Review: The Combine Eatery

Combine-Logo-KOashley | I was super excited to finally be able to try the Combine Eatery on the Danforth a couple of weeks ago. The first time we tried to go there, it was a Monday and they were closed. This just built anticipation and left me salivating over their menu – it looked awesome, so many options, I couldn’t wait.

I honestly wanted to order and try everything, but we settled on the So-Cal Fried Basa Tacos ($15.95) and the Combine Dad’s Ribs ($23.95 for half rack).

fish tacosThe Good: Of all the many places I have eaten, I’m not sure I have seen dishes look so aesthetically awesome. Look at these pictures, the plates are so full and so colourful and just look so appetizing.

The house made bourbon pineapple BBQ sauce for the ribs was an interesting mix, definitely put a unique twist on the ribs. The Combine Slaw was tasty as well as a side and the portion size was really good.

ribsThe atmosphere was also great, it wasn’t overly crowded, although it was pretty packed, and the staff were super nice and accommodating.

The Meh: I don’t know how something that looks so vibrant can taste kind of bland. Maybe I was just too excited about everything and had my hopes set too high, but we weren’t overly impressed with the food. I thought we would have our faces melted off with delicious awesomeness, but it was basically what you would expect. The ribs seemed a bit tough and chewy, the fish seemed a bit bland. Maybe I should have opted for the grilled instead of fried fish.

Overall: After drinks and food, we racked up quite a large bill and I’m just not sure we enjoyed the experience enough to justify the cost. However, there are a few other items on the menu we’d like to give a shot so we will likely give them a second go.