Book Review: A Monster Calls


ashley | Stories were wild, wild animals that go off in directions you couldn’t expect and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness does just that. This was much more than just a monster story. This was a heartbreaking, gut wrenching truth that most of us would rather run from than face straight on.

Conor O’Malley is a beautiful boy. Brave and courageous but with that innocence and vulnerability of a child. His defiance of the monster when he first met him could easily have been taken as a bratty, stubborn kid, challenging the monster because he thought himself invincible. But Conor seems more apathetic about the whole thing, a maturity he probably doesn’t quite understand.

This book is written very much as a kid’s book, but it has that same kind of maturity that Conor has. A maturity spawned from seeing too much already at such a young age, a maturity of knowing something deep down and desperately trying to ignore it.

There are a lot of times throughout the book that I was confident I had figured out who or what this monster was and I was wrong most of those times, which made this even better. I could see where things were headed, but the way Ness brings you to that point is so beautiful. The tales the monster tells, the imagery and the hard, scary truths are so point-on in their representation that this kind of took my breath away.

A Monster Calls hits close to home. It is a very real representation of how we deal with the hard things in life, how we crave punishment, how we refuse to let go. A book that won’t be letting me go any time soon.

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September 27, 2011