Book Review: The Deep


ashley | I was first introduced to Nick Cutter when I read his debut The Troop last year. This book was very creepy, to the point that my skin itched well after I closed the cover. So when I got sent a copy of his next book, The Deep, I couldn’t wait to dive in. Though I did so cautiously, knowing that Cutter has an unnatural skill for giving me the creeps.

Nothing scares me more than darkness and enclosed spaces with no escape. The Deep has all of these things, taking place in a laboratory miles and miles below the Pacific Ocean, a laboratory with small tunnels and locked off doors, all pressurized beneath the water. Being in that kind of atmosphere is enough to send even the most intelligent of minds spiralling, so naturally this book is going to be overrun with madness.

One of the more uncomfortable parts of The Deep was the decent; Lucas and Al, trapped in a very tiny vessel, descending deeper and deeper. Cutter specifically describes the darkness, the pressure, the growing anxiety, the unexpected surprise of fish and squids attacking them. Anyone with a slight agitated claustrophobia would be itching at the picture Cutter paints. And what’s even worse is that you know this is only the beginning. The deeper we go, the deeper the book grips you, keeping you endlessly on edge and on the verge of panicking.

Like the descriptions and other reviews I’ve read, this really can be compared to The Abyss or Event Horizon, those frightening under the sea movies where people go mad and can’t seem to escape. But reading about it is significantly more intense than watching these movies. Cutter describes things so vividly, you feel far more immersed in the situation, like you’re right there, as opposed to just watching everything happen in front of you.

If you’re like me and draw a picture in your head when you’re reading, this book will be quite a trip. While I didn’t squirm as much as I did with The Troop, I actually felt nauseated at some of the images this book gave me. The dark, disturbing, stomach turning images Cutter describes in vicious detail are enough to bring the nightmare of the deep to the surface to haunt your dreams. It reaches deep inside to yank out all your innermost fears and throw them directly in your face. If I wasn’t already scared of deep waters and the ocean, I sure am now.

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January 13, 2015