Movie vs Book: This Is Where I Leave You

Last year, we realized that we were picking up a lot of books because there was a movie adaptation coming out and  we’re the kind of girls who like to read the book before the movie. Since this was such a common thing, we’ve decided to start a Movie vs Book component to the blog. This is our first post!

this is where i leave youashley | When I was reading This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper I was already picturing this star studded cast as the characters in my mind, so watching the movie for the first time felt like a weird deja vu. But that’s exactly what you want from a movie, a sense of familiarity from a story you already know.

The Cast: This cast though!! Seriously, I don’t think I could have pictured anyone else in these roles. They each embraced these characters perfectly. Even the smaller characters, Connie Britton, Dax Shepard, Timothy Olyphant and Kathryn Hahn, they were all exactly what I imagined.

The Differences: They actually did a pretty good job of following the book, even down to small details, which I really enjoyed. This is how you adapt a book properly.

I just really wish they would have had a Jason Bateman voice over narrating the movie like Judd did in the book, though. I feel like it was such a strong voice and the movie would have been stronger and wittier with it.

Better than the book?: It was really close. If there had been that narration, I might have said it was just as good as the book. Definitely one of the better adaptations I’ve seen in a while, I really enjoyed this movie.