Book Review: Burning Kingdoms


ashleyBurning Kingdoms by Lauren DeStefano starts off where Perfect Ruin left off, thrusting me right back into the story I’ve anxiously been waiting to continue.

This book is far more political. The ground is at war over fuel, princess Celeste is using her diplomacy for her own sake, and tension is high among the group of friends. While it isn’t a slow moving book, not a whole lot really happens here. Everyone is holed up in a house belonging to the king’s adviser, the girls sneak out at night to drink gin at a speakeasy, people grow more and more homesick and start to drift and change in this new and confusing world. And then there is the war and the bombings.

The addition of the Piper children shook things up a little bit, but it didn’t really have a huge impact on the existing group of friends. We do get to learn a bit more about the characters, though. And the inevitable love triangle finally breaks forth. This isn’t a surprise, but I was kind of disappointed that this developed. I was hoping it would be avoided. Morgan seemed so sure of herself and her relationship and I thought she would defy the changes and temptations. She did not. 

I loved how DeStefano explored the ground, similar to our world, through the eyes of the people from the sky. Familiar things we are comfortable with are new and amazing again. It revives an interest in our world, reminds me of how much we have accomplished, how far we have progressed, and how far we still have to go. But I do think it was a big cloudy in what time period it was and included a few elements that perhaps didn’t really fit properly with the world that was being built.

Sadly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one. Escaping to the ground held so much potential for excitement and adventure and I didn’t feel like things went in that direction. It felt like just a stepping stone to get us to the third book where something huge seems to be brewing.

But this was a quick read and the characters are all still strong and interesting, the writing flows easily and is gripping. I’m anxious to see where things go, but hope the next installment holds a bit more adventure.


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March 10, 2015

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