Book Review: Harvest

Dark Side II: Highway of Horror tour stop #2 with Robert Pobi’s Harvest.

ashley | Harvest by Robert Pobi is deeply disturbing. The images it paints are graphic, the horrors it describes are unthinkable, and the means by which it all comes together makes you really wonder about the kind of world we are living in. ​Every time I close my eyes, I see the horrors between these pages; this is the kind of book that ​ nightmares are made of (seriously, I had a nightmare clearly based on this book). This is the kind of book that makes you wonder whether we’re as safe as we all think.​

When children’s bodies start showing up in the river missing body parts, the detectives on the case scramble to track down the killer, hitting dead end after dead end. Besides disturbing, Harvest is also quite a good read. Pobi gives us glimpses into the killer’s actions, but those glimpses end up throwing the reader more off track than unravel what is happening. There are a number of other elements that come into play as well that add to the complications of the case, all of which make it a bit more interesting… and a bit more disturbing.

This was the expected story of a detective trying to prove herself and escape her demons. Hemi was a strong female lead who had no problem leading a group of men, though she had enough complications on her plate and in her past to weave a complex storyline outside of the detective mystery. While some of the intimate and personal details of Hemi’s life didn’t seem pertinent to the story at hand, it did add an additional layer and a bit of femininity that took this beyond just being a murder mystery.

But that was ultimately what it was; a team of detectives trying to find this sadistic child killer through a quick and intriguing plot and what they find, the ending, was pretty unexpected. I was lead down many theoretic avenues but the end result was certainly a little mind blowing and if nothing else, pretty frightening. This was my first book by Pobi, but likely not my last. I won’t be shaking this story anytime soon.


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January 6, 2015

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