Book Review: The Retribution of Mara Dyer


ashley | In the past few years, I’ve gotten one of the Mara Dyer books by Michelle Hodkin for either my Birthday or Christmas each year one was published, so I was really excited for this past Christmas, knowing I would be able to finish off the series with The Retribution of Mara Dyer.

My problem with any series, though, is that I read so many books, so many similar books, that by the time the next installment finally comes out, my memory of the previous books are pretty foggy. Usually I can read old reviews or a synopsis and refresh my memory, but with these books, for some reason, I just could not remember what happened in the last book for the life of me.

I found all this rather ironic, given Mara’s state in this book. Her memory is patchy at best; she wakes up in a medical room seeing reflections of herself that talk to her. Given my failed memory, this is all pretty crazy and I feel just as confused and crazy as Mara does.

For the third and final installment, Hodkin does us well by tying up all the loose ends. I found the first few chapters a bit hard to follow, not remembering much from the previous books, but things started to take a really unexpected turn around the middle of the book and I couldn’t get enough.

What I love most about the Mara Dyer books is that they’re pretty unpredictable and I can never put my finger on exactly what is happening. Hodkin is very good at revealing details without giving away any details, if that makes sense. Through the entire series, I really had no idea what was happening, which is usually pretty rare. I also really liked the flashback chapters to “before”, which shined a bit more light on some important details that link to Mara’s life.

 I’ve enjoyed this series, but it seems a little over complicated at times and that makes it seem a little bit messy at others. I’m not sure I really liked the ending but I did like the tone the ending took, the explanation it made for the story itself. I thought that was an interesting, though not unique, way to end it. This was a good series but I’m happy it’s over.


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November 14, 2014