Book Review: Akarnae


ashley | I’ve been following Lynette Noni’s Akarnae publishing journey on her blog for months now. I read through the early publishing stages, I was there for the cover reveal (and boy is it a beautiful cover!), and I was taking in all the excitement when this book was released to the public. And excitement is an understatement, I can’t even put into words the energy and animation Noni exerted during the last few weeks. It was hard not to get wrapped up this book excitement myself, which is why it was a relief to finally be able to read it!

As far as heroines go, I took to Alex quite quickly. She was sarcastic and too clever for her own good, but when it came down to being thrust into an impossible and unbelievable situation, she wasn’t overly stubborn and defensive. She may not have accepted things right away, but she was open to trying to adapt to the differences in language and surrounding existence. She had spunk, but she wasn’t trying too hard. It was a good combination.

The comradery between Alex, Jordan and Bear came naturally. She fit right in with their easy banter and playfulness, which added a nice lighthearted foundation to the book. You know these three would be the focal point of the book and it was easy to like them all and want to see what adventures they would stumble into. There are so many colourful and creative characters in this book, many creatures that mimic creatures I’m familiar with from other stories, but all with their own unique attributes and alluring realities.

One of the things that drive me the most crazy is when an author doesn’t take advantage of a limitless world and explore their imagination. Noni spends a large amount of time allowing Alex explore this new world and experience the magical elements that exist within in. She flexes her imagination and creates for us some really unique and interesting and downright fun magical ideas that makes the whole idea of magic so exciting. After a while, it’s almost as if Alex gets into trouble just so Noni can create another opportunity to explore a magical idea.

Of course it’s going to be hard not to see some Harry Potter similarities, even some Narnia similarities, but while it may follow a familiar formula, Akarnae tells its own story that is set apart from these other magical worlds. This book does exactly what it should do – transport you to another magical world, fills you with adventure and humour and friendship and lets you escape reality for a while.


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February 1, 2015

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