Book Review: Where They Found Her


ashley | I’ve been waiting for Where They Found Her by Kimerly McCreight for a long time now, after loving everything about Reconstructing Amelia. Thankfully, all my anticipation was worth it, we have another strong, disturbing novel here that I could not put down.

While Reconstructing Amelia took place in a high school, Where They Found Her focuses more on a university town with older characters that, while sometimes still act like high school children, are more mature and experienced with life. It was a completely different tone than I was expecting and I really liked that it took a step up in that sense.

But like Reconstructing Amelia, there is a lot of focus put on gossip and rumours that circulate in the small town. Everyone has a story, everyone has a theory, someone hears one thing and takes it for fact. I kept weaving more and more into this gossip web and had to take a step back to admire the way McCreight spun her story. She presented so many different options and evidence that could support many different theories and then blindsided you entirely in the end. It’s such an interesting way to piece things together and she is mastering this with every new book she writes.

I wasn’t left with as deep of a cut in the end, but the way everything came together did definitely make for a non-stop, need to know read right up to the very last page. Full of complex characters with many faces, Where They Found Her used my own judgments and stereotypes against me and left me with the need to re-evaluate what I thought I knew.


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TODAY! April 14, 2015