Movie vs Book: Gone Girl

GoneGirlashley | Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was one of the best books I read in 2013. Flynn totally blew me away, so when I heard they were making a movie I couldn’t wait to see it.

The Cast: While Ben Affleck plays aloof Dunne alright, there’s just something about him that didn’t seem perfect for the role. Rosamund Pike, however, was incredible. She was strong and confident as Amy, then transformed completely to the dumpy undercover Nancy, and then put on a whole new mask of crazy when everything started to unravel.

The Differences: While the movie was long, at least they didn’t rush over any details and let the whole thing play out as it should. I thought it was a really great adaptation and I really enjoyed it, but the one difference that bothered me was the ending. It seems they made Nick’s decision the stay with Amy more about the child and responsibility, whereas the book made it more of a messed up passionate unhealthy obsession between them and a psychological decision where he never would have left her anyway. I’m sure this was to appeal to the masses and make it seem a bit more relatable in a way, but I really liked that darkness of the book and was sad they downplayed it.

Movie better than the book?: Pretty close, they did a great job other than the ending. I wasn’t disappointed with anything else.