Book Review: Girl in a Band


ashley | I have been a long time fan of Sonic Youth, they ​ were always kind of the indie backgrounders of an era in music I can never let go of. ​T​hough I idolize Kim Gordon in a way, ​I​  actually know really little about her life outside of her music. She is famously introverted and private, so obviously when she decided to put everything into a book, Girl in a Band, it was one of my most ​anticipated releases of 2015.

There’s ​a​  big difference between name dropping and just being so damn cool that you’re rubbing elbows with the shakers of the ti​me​. Kim was a big player in the ​art world, which introduced her to a number of other artists who we kn​o​w well now, but a​t​ that time were just trying to find​ their place as well. This was a really cool​ and personal​ insight into the beginning​ of what became a huge ​art and music scene.

My favourite part of this book was easily the parts where Kim described first meeting Thurston Moore. She very naturally and openly described those first love butterflies and admiration. It was surprisingly intimate and her uncensored affection really resonated with me. ​T​hese are two people I have admired for so long, I loved seeing how it all came to be.

Of course, that relationship doesn’t have a happy ending and Kim also focuses a bit on the end of things. Again, I found it so interesting to read her raw and honest emotions about these moments. She has always been so distant and seemingly emotionless and impersonal in interviews, its easy to forget that she isn’t just the tough as nails chick you see ripping it up on stage.​ That she is human, that she feels pain, just like the rest of us.

​On the down side, there are parts of this that seemed repetitive, using similar antidotes and references scattered throughout the different chapters. But overall, this was a powerful and emotive book and anyone who is a fan of Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon or kick ass female role models will likely feel as inspired and ambitious after reading this as I did.


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February 24, 2015