Book Review: Unspoken


ashley | I immediately went to Amazon and bought Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan after reading a positive review that compares lead heroine Kami’s voice to that of Veronica Mars. If you search this blog for Veronica Mars, you will have more than a handful of results, I am a huge fan, so naturally I had high expectations for this book. There are so many four and five star reviews for this book and I just don’t get it! It was very misleading, I can’t agree with the ratings and I really feel like I’m missing something.

Sure, the story isn’t as redundant as most YA books, but I still felt like I was running in circles, or more accurately, in a zig zag from one guy to the other, back and forth between the ‘good’ guy and the ‘bad’ guy. And this got old really quick. I understand having conflicting emotions and feelings but ​I don’t understand how someone can say they are so intimately connected to one guy, so intertwined with him one minute, and then absolutely hate him and running to another guy the next. Everyone in this book was a little boy crazy, that was a huge focus and I found it really distracting.

My initial impression of Kami wasn’t exactly positive. In fact, she seemed a bit arrogant and manipulative of her friends and I had a really hard time liking her. She is so used to getting her way, aware of how to play the people around her to get the results she wants; it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I know it can be argued that Veronica Mars acts similarly when she’s trying to get things done, but I never get a sense of cockiness or arrogance from her, like she’s entitled, but Kami seems just that. Totally focused on herself and entitled to whatever she’s after. Thankfully, she did end up growing on me towards the end and grew into quite a strong and admirable character. I’m glad my first impressions were short lived.​

The mysterious Ash and his cousin Jared were an intriguing pair, the aforementioned good and bad guys, but they were so tangled up in Kami’s personal stuff that they never really grew on their own. And then in the end, Ash seems so unlike his original self, it almost didn’t seem believable.

​The relationships Kami has with these boys were supposed to be complex, but they just felt a little confused to me. Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see passion or depth to these relationships, I just saw annoying indecision and a bunch of kids who didn’t know how to handle what they were feeling.​ It seemed like a lot of time was spent on driving home certain characteristics of these characters, but it was just repetition that didn’t add any depth to them as a whole and ended up just being another tangent that didn’t get us any further into the story.

I did, however, find the fact that Kami spoke regularly with a voice in her head pretty fascinating. That combined with the mystery of a small town and a legendary family is what kept me reading. I liked​ the Gothic family mystery vibe and this part did end up being pretty unique and interesting​. The story as a whole did capture me in the end, once they were focused on the hunt for the person sacrificing women and not just focused on Kami’s love life, but I ​just ​couldn’t help but feel I would ​have ​like​d​ this a whole lot more if the characters weren’t so superficial and annoying.



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September 10, 2013