Food Review: Wahlburgers

It’s been a while since we’ve done a food review, but now that Veronica is finished her mat-leave, we’re able to take in some new eats again. So look forward to Veronica’s food reviews one Wednesday a month to break up those pesky book reviews (just kidding, we love books, obviously!).

veronica | Surprise! It’s yet another burger joint I’ve gone to! I can’t say I’m an avid watcher of Wahlburgers but I have seen a few eps. I was (okay, am) a huge NKOTB fan, so I had to give their burger joint Wahlburgers a go, you didn’t really have to twist my arm. We picked a random day to go just to avoid any potential crowds but apparently, the novelty has already worn off. It was fairly empty and we were seated immediately.

unnamedThe interior was well done. The special touches like the wall of movie and TV show titles the brothers have been a part of was well displayed. The bar sported a wine tap. They have wine, on tap! You can tell they sunk a lot of money in to this place to keep in line with their brand. I ordered the BBQ Bacon Burger ($9.95), tater tots ($3.50) and the Wahlbrewski North ($7). My compadre ordered Mill St. Organic ($7.50), O.F.D. ($11.95) and onion rings ($3.50).

unnamed (1)

The Good:
The tater tots! I love this throw back, even though they are premade, I simply love them for the nostalgic factor. The Wahlbrewski wasn’t that bad either but what is it with hoppy brews these days?


unnamed (2)The Meh: Sigh. I had such high hopes for a tasty burger. I was sorely disappointed. I was promised a burger cooked medium, what I actually got was a charred, dried puck. While the toppings were tasty, it couldn’t make up the fact that they overcooked my burger by a decade. My friend, however, enjoyed her burger, while stating that she’s had better. Also, they need to call their onion rings onion strings. Call it what it is! There was not a ring to be found.

Overall: I’m over novelty. If I’m going to spend money on a gourmet burger, I’d rather go to Holy Chuck (Holy Chuck review to come).