Book Review: Palace of Treason


ashley | The CIA has a new mole and Jason Matthews has a thrilling new book in Palace of Treason, which furthers the star-crossed relationship of Dominika Egorova and Nathaniel Nash and offers an action packed follow up to Red Sparrow.

Matthews’ work is really out of my comfort zone. I love thrillers, I love strong female leads, but Russian spies, the CIA and heavy world politics, well I usually save that for the big screen. But that’s what I love about him as an author, he finds a way of making these foreign territories familiar and interesting to me. 

This book is complex, there are a lot of people, a lot of different threads, a lot of overlapping scenarios and you have to stay on top of things to see the overall picture. It took me a while to get into things, but once things started to pick up it never slowed down and I was hooked, again, right until the end.

Each character has such a vibrant personality. I loved the introduction of agent Hannah in this book. She was much more than just the third point of a love triangle, she was sassy and fierce, an American counterpart to the Russian Dominika. So you can only imagine the sparks that flew when they were set to work closely together.

Things end on quite the high point here. A climax that takes you right to the edge, blowing up in your face with a partially unresolved ending that leaves you anxious for the next book, but not frustrated about having no closure.

If you’re into this type of book, if you want a very realistic and thrilling look into the world of espionage, then Matthews and Palace of Treason are for you.



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June 2, 2015
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