Book Review: The New Neighbor


ashley | The New Neighbor by Leah Stewart takes that natural neighbourly curiosity to a whole new level when a woman obsessed with mystery novels tries to solve the mystery of her new next door neighbour.

This was an incredibly easy read, full of mystery and interesting characters with intriguing stories and secrets. I read this on a lazy Sunday afternoon, in pretty much one sitting, and it would be perfect for a nice, light, summer cottage read.

That said, this is definitely not full of light subject matter. The secrets are dark and the stories shared are emotional. Flipping back and forth between Margaret’s war-torn history and Jennifer’s tragic love story, The New Neighbor brings together these two seemingly different women, who end up being more like each other than they’d like to admit.

Fragments of their stories were scattered through each chapter, building and building towards the end, not giving too much away but pulling you right along with it. I was completely sucked in to the drama of their lives; the drama Margaret feels like she needs to create and the drama Jennifer is desperately trying to escape.

This is one of those books where nothing really happens, but people’s stories are told and their secrets are unburdened. It was a well crafted moment in the lives of two strong and brave women and I loved it all.



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July 7, 2015
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