Food Review: Holy Chuck

logoveronicaIn case you haven’t noticed, I love burgers. Actually, I have an unhealthy obsession with burgers. My weakness is grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. If a place makes this, you bet your waist line I’m ordering it. I’ve just returned from mat leave and my first order of duty was to coordinate a lunch outing with my co-workers. I had been dying to try Holy Chuck and luckily enough, they’re close by. We thought it was rather fun that this location is directly across from a Carl’s Jr.

unnamed (3)I don’t think I have to explain why a burger is almost the perfect food, but here goes; all your food groups are covered in one delectable, juicy bite! How? You have your all meat patty (protein), melty cheese (dairy), onions (veggie, okay in THIS instance I’m stretching it) and bun (grains). See? The PERFECT food. I ordered the aptly named “Cowlorie”, which is essentially a double cheeseburger with bacon, caramelized onion sandwiched between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches ($11.99) add in the fries ($3.49) and a bottle of water ($1.99) and my lunch came out to a whopping $20. It’s a fairly steep price.

unnamedThe Good: It was the perfect balance between juicy patty and melty cheese. Seasoned to perfection, I didn’t even miss the dill pickles I’m so used to having on my burger. In fact, everyone at our table thoroughly enjoyed their burger. And that is rather hard to do at a fast food joint.

The Meh: The price. Yes, it is worth the money but I still cringe at spending $12 on a delicious burger!

Overall: I will be back at some point when my wallet recovers. Tasty burgers can’t go uneaten!