Food Review: Kaiju

kaijuveronicaRemember in grade school you were taught to never judge a book by its cover? They meant Kaiju. This hidden gem is the best of both worlds. Fast food served with love. Hidden deep within the bowels of that out of place Aura condo is where you will find Kaiju. A rather sad, and desolate looking “shops” is the food court and where I bring happiness to my tummy.

unnamed (1)Despite being out of the way and hidden, Kaiju has quite the following (if you look them up in Yelp) and we were not disappointed. Luckily we got there just before the lunch crowd showed up so we got our orders in good time. I, being a glutton, ordered the Pork Katsu ($8) which is a Japanese style curry served with a breaded pork cutlet, rice, slaw and an absolutely delicious curry sauce, and Kaiju Poutine ($6) which is exactly what you think it is; fries with cheese and that wonderful curry. My friend ordered Mama’s Chicken ($8.95) which is crispy chicken in a delicious homemade sauce.

unnamed (2)The Good: Everything. And I mean it. I would order everything we did again in a heartbeat. Except I’d also order noodles. Because I love noodles. Also, the service is great. Our food was brought to us and near the end, they even came over to ask us how our meal was. This is fairly unheard of from fast food.

unnamedThe Meh: My only slight complaint and it’s not even a big deal, is that Mama’s Chicken sauce was a tad salty.

Overall: I am coming back for the noodles. And everything else on the menu. You should check Kaiju out for a meal.