Book Review: The Water Travelers


ashley | When Daniel Waltz approached me to review his book The Water Travelers, coincidentally I had just added it to my to be read pile. I was really intrigued by the concept of traveling through water to another universe and really interested in where Waltz would take this.

I enjoyed reading this, it was an interesting story and had enough going on to keep me intrigued. I loved the concept of water traveling and the way Aaron was able to bring people with him through the water to his own world from Earth and also turn the surface of water into his own personal letter that connected to someone on the other end.

The magical elements were really interesting to me and well done, but as much as I enjoyed the story and the book, I had a little trouble with the writing style. Have you ever played those old choose-your-own-adventure computer games where the text is very factual and almost like subtitles that relay what the character is doing while it plays out on screen? I felt that’s kind of how this book read sometimes. At times it seems a bit stiff and relaying facts instead of telling a story. But I mean, those adventure games were still fun to play and this book was still a lot of fun to read. Waltz is such a young author and this book shows so much potential, I expect he will grow into his voice in no time. 

Individually, I’m not sure whether Aaron or Madi spoke to me as characters, but the chemistry between the two was pretty electric. It was that innocent puppy love that I always enjoy watching blossom into something more. You know things are going to get complicated for them, but it’s hard not to root for them.

The world building was also pretty great, though I wish it was explored in a bit more detail. There was a lot about what Aaron didn’t understand from Earth, but not a lot of comparison to what he was used to in his own world in return. They say they aren’t as advanced as Earth, which would have been a great opportunity to explore some of the history of Upitar.

The book only got better as I read on. The ending is left unfinished, the fate of Aaron and Madi is kind of unknown and there’s a little bit of a twist that connects Upitar to Earth in an unexpected and unforeseen way, which I actually really enjoyed.

A lot of the time I’m left wondering why someone would choose to write a sequel, that it doesn’t always seem necessary, but I’ll happily read the next installment and see what happens to Aaron and Madi and how everything they unraveled paves their future. And I will never tire of the water traveling. The way Waltz has built this story on such a cool and unique foundation, I want to read and learn all I can about it.


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July 14, 2015

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