Book Review: Shadow Study


ashley | Man it feels good to be reunited with Yelena and Valek! I have been waiting for Mari​a​ V. Snyder’s Shadow Study for ages! Her Study books were one of the first series I remember reading that totally transported me into another world and they changed my reading life for the better. I have read almost everything I can of Snyder’s and I’m so happy to add this to my shelf!

Shadow Study follows in the same steps as the other Study books. Valek and Yelena are pulled apart, Yelena gets into trouble, everyone bands together to uncover what is really going on and things end leaving us wanting more more more.

The relationship between Valek and Yelena is much the same, that same chemistry I first fell in love with is still strong. And the friendships between Janco and Ari and the newly recruited female assassin just adds to the whole camaraderie that I admire in all of Snyder’s books. This also combines characters from the Glass books, which is a nice added bonus.

​What I would say Snyder does best is build a budding relationship out of two characters who seem completely unlikely to come together. You see it starting to happen here again and as always, it just makes me swoon. I love how she slowly builds a mutual respect out of a mutual hatred and from there, creates this whole flirtatious and innocent romantic growth. It’s not childish, but it’s not over done, it’s just perfect.​

I was thrilled to see the return of story weavers and the mention of the story threads again, this is such a brilliant concept of fate and life. I really admire all the elements Snyder puts into her novels, it really makes you believe in magic because it is magic.

I have nothing but praise for this book, I am just so excited to see these characters again and Snyder does them all justice. I can’t wait to keep reading and see what is in store for them!


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February 24, 2015