Book Review: The Blue


ashley | I was a introduced to Lucy Clarke with her debut novel Swimming At Night and was just as taken by her follow up A Single Breath, so when I had a chance for an advance copy of The Blue, I couldn’t wait to get started.

​With every book, Clarke becomes more and more comfortable with her voice and it really lets some beautiful talent shine through. The Blue takes place on a boat traveling the world by sea, a blank canvas that presents so many opportunities for beautiful descriptions and romantic visions. But there’s a darkness, too, and this book flips so easily between the story of The Blue and the unfortunate aftermath that Lana is forced to face months after leaving the ship.

​I floated through this book pretty quickly;​ it was an easy and interesting read that held my attention throughout. It wasn’t a complex book, but Clarke is really great at littering clues throughout so subtly that you read right over them as details until later when another piece falls into place and everything from before makes a different kind of sense.

There was a very interesting mix of characters, all with their own dark secrets and misgivings. Cram them all onto a small boat and you’re bound to have some kind of drama arise. They were likeable, they were hatable, this book was very character driven and these characters had a lot to give.

I absolutely loved the ending. Every loose end tied up, one final twist to really kick you in the gut. I have read everything Clarke has published this far and I will read whatever comes next.


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August 11, 2015

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