Book Review: Who Do You Love?


ashley | Likely not a book I would have picked up on my own, Who Do You Love? by Jennifer Weiner told the ebb and flow love story of Andy and Rachel over the years and distances of their lives.

I like books like this, that take place over different times during different stages in a ​character’s life. ​It’s your typical will they won’t they love story spanning many years and many different heart breaks. But this format hits close to home and I love the essence of people drifting and coming back together, of growing apart and growing together and growing up.

​​I thought Andy was a great character, but I can’t say the same f​or Rachel. I did not li​k​e her at all. She was very real, but real in the sense of a clichéd rich girl who felt she was deserving of everything she wanted. ​Even when she opened her mind up and expanded her interests, she still always seemed a bit snobby to me. She didn’t seem to even try to take an interest in Andy’s running career or his group of friends, she didn’t seem to appreciate her marriage or children; she was always so wrapped up in herself that it really took losing everything for her to finally find herself.

Though that is the beauty of this book, how both Rachel and Andy lose everything, fall from grace and then piece themselves back together again. It was inspiring to see them grow in that way, to hit rock bottom and pull themselves together again, figuring out what is really important in life.

This was an easy and enjoyable read, nothing that really moved me, nothing that really bothered me. It was a very real look at the lives of two people and how our choices and mistakes lead us down certain paths.

​ There is a really touching part towards the end of the book, at a funeral, that talks about what is important in life and how learning to love is worth more than anything else you can accomplish. ​It’s a beautiful message and it resonates well with the two characters in this story, and should hopefully leave a lasting and inspiring impression on anyone who reads this book.


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