Book Review: Black Spring


ashley | Black Spring by Alison Croggon had me at Wuthering Heights. I love retellings (which I retell you every time I read one), but even more so I love Wuthering Heights so I went into this book incredibly biased with high, high hopes.

I have read a few takes on this story that glamorize Heathcliff into a rockstar and turn Catherine into a misunderstood and confused young lady. I usually still enjoy the story, but it was really refreshing to read something that not only keeps with the Gothic tone, but also adds in other elements to make an already perfect story another form of perfect.

Croggon has turned the moors into a fantasy land with wizards and witches and the folklore is so intriguing. The concept of this vendetta that sweeps through the towns was a whole other kind of dark magic. We are reading far more than a tragic story about two horrible people who ruin the lives of everyone around them and it is all done so perfectly, I can’t tell you how much I loved every minute of this book.

I did hesitate for a moment though, wondering if creating a retelling so close to the story and atmosphere of the original should be frowned upon instead of celebrated, but I could read and reread Wuthering Heights again and again, so as long as it’s done well, I’m not overly concerned.

This did not sugar coat or glamourize the tragic or dangerous passion between the two characters and it was infinitely dark and I am so glad I stumbled onto this book.


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August 27, 2013