Book Review: The Book of Life

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veronica | Despite how “over” we are with vampire novels (thanks for ruining an entire genre, Stephanie Meyer), the All Souls Trilogy will always have a special place in my heart. I have loved Diana Bishop’s journey from A Discovery of Witches to the conclusion in The Book of Life. Throw in a sexy, brooding yet gentlemanly 1500 year old vampire like Matthew Clairmont and I’m in love.

Usually with trilogies, I get bored by book two (but Shadow of Night took them to the Tudor court and how can anyone NOT love that?) and am only reading the last installment because I’m OCD, this is not the case here. I couldn’t wait to find the time to read and get thrown back into this fantasy world. 

While I had some questions; why was the Book of Life even made, what was the actual purpose, how did Benjamin go THAT long without being caught, why did Peter Knox not suffer more? I took it all at face value; Harkness was rushed to meet a deadline and thus the ending suffered somewhat. I felt it dragged a lot and then the ending was rushed. But despite that, perhaps in remembrance of how thrilled I was with A Discovery of Witches, I was still happy with the conclusion. I did, however, dislike greatly that she left it open for another installment.

A lot of people have openly compared this to Twilight but I beg you, stop. They are not the same caliber. At all. Harkness weaves (get it?) in historical fact with her fiction, includes the scientific background and most of the characters are more than one dimension. The story is deeper than just a romance between a vampire and a human; it tackles prejudices real and magical.

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July 15, 2014