Book Review: Americosis Volume 1


ashley | Americosis Vol. 1 by Haydn Wilks is a pretty brutal look at American society in the midst of imploding on itself, told through snapshots into the lives of various people. Albeit a brief snapshot, Vol. 1 is literally only 61 pages, just enough to get you hooked.

Things start off with the awkward but always intriguing second person voice, where You, the reader, are thrust into a role. This doesn’t always work, but I think it adds a certain creepy charm here and really draws you right into this story from the start. You are a key player in all that is going to happen. All of this is because of you.

This is a great introduction, but volume one is super short, you’re just starting to get into things when it’s done. I loved the quick pace of it, but I hate that it kind of abruptly ends and I have to wait for more so soon.

I really like where this is going, though. It’s more than just Sci Fi and time travel, it analyzes our culture and idols and religion. There’s a heavy political side to it all, but also terrorizing dinosaurs. Everything is fused into this super short novella and if you’re up for something smart and different, I definitely think you should check this out. It’s madness.


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July 9, 2015

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