Book Review: Pretty Girls


ashley | ​I’ve never read anything by Karin Slaughter, but with a name like that, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Pretty Girls starts out like a lot of thrillers do; someone is missing, we are introduced to a lot of characters with little context and have to start putting together these random pieces. Very quickly though, I saw what all the hype was about.

A layered story that spans many years and across one unfortunate family, Pretty Girls has some very twisted, very sinister things in the story. The further I read, the more fixated and impressed I became, so much is happening, so many dark secrets and it’s all so well woven together.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never read anything by Slaughter before, but I was totally lost in this story, I was eating up every piece of information and scrambling to find out the truth right along with Claire. This book got to me. Every page I turned, every secret revealed, it just pulled me further and further in.

I loved how two estranged sisters were reunited after years of not speaking, even if it was horrible circumstances that brought them together. I loved how all these different tangents all found their way to connecting with each other. Even when you could see where something was going, it was just so satisfying and thrilling to see the pieces come together.

There’s definitely gruesome content, things that​ made me actually physically ill to read, but simply put, with Pretty Girls, Slaughter killed it.


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September 29, 2015

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