Book Review: Alice Takes Back Wonderland


ashley | Did you know that fairytales are real? David D. Hammons proves it in Alice Takes Back Wonderland, an adventurous little story I stumbled upon thanks to Curiosity Quills’ outreach to us recently. Who doesn’t want to read about our favourite fairytale characters banding together to rebel against the Evil Ace of Spades and take back one of the most magical places in literature? And seriously, look at that cover, it’s beautiful.

As wild as the Alice in Wonderland story is, reading this take on it is just as much of a trip. In the beginning, the copy is all over the place and the character dialogue is repetitive and random. Which is the point, of course. There’s a stream of incoherent madness through all of this that is charming, but it takes a while to get used to and kind of prevented me from falling quickly into the story. 

In fact, I actually had a really hard time reading this and it wasn’t until about half way through that I actually started to enjoy it.​ But I’m glad I stuck with it because by about the middle of the book, something really great starts to happen.

As Alice starts wandering, she starts running into characters from other fairy tales. But these characters are only “echoes” of the characters we know. Hammons takes kind of a Brothers Grimm approach and their stories that play out here are much darker and creeper and much more interesting. Alice takes the lead in making these character’s stories come true so that in return, they will help her avenge Wonderland and I really loved this aspect of the book.​

The more characters Alice encounters, the bigger her army becomes and the closer she gets to her happily ever after. After all, isn’t that how all fairy tales end?


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September 28, 2015

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