Book Review: Owl and the City of Angels


ashley | Last year, I fell deeply and totally in love with Alix Hiboux, the “Indiana Jane” type anti-heroine falling deep into the supernatural archaeology world in Owl and the Japanese Circus. And if I’m being completely honest here, I think I developed a bit of a girl crush on author Kristi Charish as well. So when I was given her follow up novel Owl and the City of Angels, I immediately jumped right in to see what kind of trouble Alix would get into this time.

Another disastrous adventure saw mummies and tombs, a slew of other supernatural creatures too cool to spoil and a deadly curse. Pretty much everything that makes good adventure stories great. Alix was her same spunky, cussing, difficult self and we got a bit more insight into her online friend Carpe Diem and their World Quest world, as well as her relationships with best friend Nadya and on-again-off-again boyfriend slash incubus Rynn. There was also a lot of character growth here, as Alix came to terms with her fate and what that might mean for her friendships and otherwise confusing relationships. We got to see a different, more exposed side of Alix here, which was a nice change from the sarcastic and withdrawn.

Fast paced from start to finish, there really isn’t anything else I can say about this without spoiling it other than if you liked the first book (how could you not?) you’re in for a similar treat with this one, complete with a refueled hook at the end to make you ache for the next installment. 

Charish knows where the sweet spots are in many different culture areas and perfectly blends them all together. Looks like I’m spending the rest of this year anticipating the next Owl book. Again.


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October 5, 2015

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