Book Review: Her Dark Curiosity


veronica | I wonder, at what point did YA writers all decide that when they write a novel, it must be a trilogy? I was a little apprehensive picking up Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd after reading The Madman’s Daughter. But decided to give it a try, despite not really caring.

I actually liked Juliet in The Madman’s Daughter, she was strong and when faced with hard decisions, she followed her gut. This Juliet, I felt, strayed far from who we were first introduced to. I did not like this Juliet.

This second installment has Juliet back in London but this time she’s been taken in by a wealthy friend of her father’s. No longer impoverished, Juliet is free to continue with her experiments to try and cure herself of her ailments. But where a Moreau is, darkness follows. A string of murders has left the police stumped but its telltale marker and victims have Juliet thinking: I know who it is.

I really had hoped Shepherd would have left the love triangle dead on the island but alas, it too followed Juliet to London. What I do enjoy about Shepherd’s writing is the dark, gothic style. There’s always something twisted around the next corner. And sometimes, that is all that is needed to keep me turning the page.


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January 28, 2014