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This is my stop during the blog tour for Heaven’s Forgotten by Branden Johnson! This blog tour was organized by European Geeks and runs from October 12 until 18. You can view the complete tour schedule on the European Geeks website. 

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ashley | One of the main reasons I started blogging about books was to connect with book lovers and hopefully stumble upon new authors, genres and books to broaden my interests and collection. We recently connected with European Geek Press, who sent us one of their first releases Heaven’s Forgotten by Branden Johnson.

I’ve had some not so awesome reading experiences after hesitantly agreeing to review something from someone I haven’t worked with before. I try hard not to be judgemental, but I was cautious when picking this up as a result. So I was thrilled by the end of the first chapter when I was actually hooked. The writing is strong and the story picked up quickly, thrusting us right into some suspenseful situations without any real context to grab safely. I liked it.

After an unending story arc on Supernatural, I was so sick of Angels. For a long time I’ve avoided anything that had even the smallest mention of them. But thankfully, this was more of a refreshing take on that element and actually kind of refueled an interest. Fallen angels aren’t new, but this story was a new take that I hadn’t come across before and it was well thought out and done quite well. I was on edge through most of it, wondering what would come of this little girl all these fallen angels seem to be hunting.

The characters were interesting and well rounded; Moira was complex and infinitely flawed. I loved how real and raw she was, how her exhaustion provoked some hard truths and admissions about motherhood. You don’t get that kind of dark honesty too often. The crew of fallen angels that kind of attach themselves to Moira’s cause are also an entertaining bunch, each with their own haunting past. The way they intertwined sometimes got a bit complicated and the overall reason for everything happening was not simple, but I thought Johnson did a really great job of clearly laying out the entire master plan.

Things kind of hit a slow patch towards the end, right before the climax. It was a big build and I was anxious to get through it and it felt like it was just taking its sweet time. But once I finally reached that high point, it was worth the climb. And when you think you’re at the top, there’s a bit more to go, a nice little twist in the end to top it all off.

I really enjoyed this story, the story of a fight between the fallen, those willing to sacrifice everything to get back into heaven, and those willing to sacrifice everything to save earth. If you’re in the mood for an otherworldly read, Heaven’s Forgotten won’t disappoint.


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October 12, 2015

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