Book Review: The Accident Season


ashley | I knew I had to read The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle the minute I saw that cover. I am a sucker for a good cover and this one grabbed me at​  first sight. I was also very interested in t​he description. A season where people are dangerously accident prone to the point where it seems like something is out to get them? It sound​ed​ so haunting and I needed​ to know what this ​wa​s. It was nothing like I was expecting, either.

There’s a strong and interesting cast of characters. Cara at the forefront, curious and wide eyed. Her best friend Bea calls herself a witch, her sister Alice has her own secrets she is keeping. And then there’s Sam. Sam is technically their ex-stepbrother, but there’s a strong connection between him and Cara ​and​ that connection was one of my favourite things ​in this whole story.​ There’s such electricity between them and I couldn’t get enough.

It’s hard to say anything about this without saying too much, but I promise you this is a magical little story that reads like a haunting poem, dancing across the page. ​ Even though I saw certain things coming, I loved every second of this. It’s magical, but it’s also very dark and melancholy. ​The way Doyle ​writes is like a song.​​ Some of her descriptions are so painfully beautiful, my heart actually ached. I was so completely swept away with this and I still feel like I’m flying.​


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August 18, 2015