Book Review: Taste of Darkness


veronica | If Maria Snyder writes something, I am going to read it, that’s just how it is with us. She has a way with creating a rich realm with such detail that I feel as though I could reach through the page and feel the tree bark. That said, I’m glad Taste of Darkness is over. I liked the concept and the idea of this series but it was too drawn out.

Avry and her band of merry men are still trying to locate Celina and Tohon and most of the novel was of them traveling about. It was slow yet rushed at the same time; and it was most definitely rushed when things got really interesting. The introduction of The Skeleton King was fantastic, he was evil incarnate and utterly repulsive but so much time was spent on locating him that when they finally met, it was all over far too soon.

And like most people, I rather detest the whole imprinting thing. It just brings to mind Twilight and that just ruins a perfectly good novel for me.

But I did like the writing style, the quick quips and friendly banter between the monkeys; it kept the story from getting stale even though they spent 85% of the novel walking from place to place. I just wished we learned more of the Peace Lilies.

The ending was most definitely rushed but it tied things together as Snyder planned and was still enjoyable.

ashley | Every time I review a Maria Snyder book, I start by saying how much I love Snyder and her writing. Her stories are always the perfect mix of adventure and romance and with strong, vibrant characters. This remains true for the Healer series, I’ve been itching to read this last installment and see where she takes everyone, but I’m actually disappointed with the result.

I don’t know what’s different this time around, this could have been awesome. There were some really dark and sinister things happening, the Skeleton King in particular. He was a devious creature and made for a really interesting part of the book, but it seemed like so much time was spent looking for him, that when they found him, it was a brief and quick encounter before they were off to the next part.

There seemed to be so many complicated factors in this story that everything was really rushed and glossed over. A lot of characters seemed to be created just so they could tie together a plan in the end, which makes sense, but there was no real point to them otherwise and their introductions only added to an overload of information.

And I realize the essence of imprinting isn’t exclusive to Twilight, but I have a hard time reading it elsewhere and not making that connection and then it kind of taints the use of it for me.

This just felt like it moved along very quickly, not to keep things moving, but because there was so much to cover in little time. It seemed like more time was spent planning than executing plans and as a result, a lot of the excitement wasn’t examined in depth, which probably could have made a stronger and more interesting book.


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December 31, 2013