Book Review: The Prisoner of Heaven


veronica | What can I say about Carlos Ruiz Zafón that hasn’t already been said? The man is a master of prose and has such a way of writing that throws you right into his novels. I still remember how I felt after that first chapter of The Shadow of the Wind, I’d never before read a novel that had a hold of me from that very first page. The Prisoner of Heaven is the third installment in the Cemetery of Lost Books and by the looks of it, Zafon has no intention of allowing Daniel Sempre rest. Which is just as well since he’s quickly become one of my favourite characters.

It’s 1957, Sempere’s & Sons is not doing well when a sketchy character ventures in, lays down a $1000 and a note for none other than everyone’s favorite man, Fermin Romero de Torres. Learning about how Fermin came to be the man he is today was simply satisfying. Although the air of mystery about who Fermin was is part of his appeal, reading of his struggles and whom he interacted with completes the picture.

If you loved The Shadow of the Wind and Fermin’s chuckle worthy one liners; they are back in The Prisoner of Heaven. Zafon has such a way of writing that he seamlessly weaves all the beloved characters from his previous works, showing us how each person is tied so intricately to the current story.

While I would’ve preferred an actual ending to the series, I’m glad it is not the end of Fermin and Daniel. I do look forward to their upcoming adventures. As entertaining as these are, I wish I could read Spanish so that I could be sure nothing is lost in translation.


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July 10, 2012