Book Review: The Lake House


ashley | Kate Morton is the kind of author that I can never get enough of. She can’t possibly write fast enough for me; I’m always waiting on a new book. So I was BEYOND thrilled when Simon & Schuster Canada sent us an advance copy of The Lake House. (Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada! So much!!!)

Morton has mastered the art of connecting two stories over a period of time. I love her seamless way of shifting between past and present and two very different characters, and ultimately bringing them all together to solve some kind of mystery.

As usual, the characters are strong and vibrant, both innocent and suspicious. I was especially taken with Alice, the mystery writer who writes detective novels and Sadie the detective who could easily be straight out of one of Alice’s novels. Both independent and kind of wild, they made for two very interesting leads and I basically devoured page after page following them through the shady story.

Without saying too much to give anything away, this story is about missing children, coincidences and choices people make to protect the ones they love. There is a lot going on in this book, though. Many different tangents and side stories that, in common Morton fashion, lead us in one direction only to be spun around and thrown back in another before you even realize what happened. If you aren’t careful, this can be a bit confusing, Morton is great at leaving misleading bread crumbs, but it does all come together in the end. I loved it.

The ending, as I’ve seen a few people mention, was a bit too perfect though. It was all brought nicely together, tied up in a perfect little bow. I didn’t see it coming, mostly because it kind of seemed a little too forced and coincidental, but I guess with coincidences and so many different pieces coming together throughout the story, it’s not all that out of place.

This was another great and entertaining read leaving me wanting more, more, more Morton.


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October 20, 2015

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