Book Review: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)


ashley | If I’m being completely honest here, initially I had only ever seen Felicia Day on Supernatural as a spunky gamer chick who helps Sam and Dean with nerd-heavy cases. And of course, in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (because Nathan Fillion – hello!). But I was immediately charmed by her and knew I had to read her book You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). She is a goddess among geek culture and I am praising her right alongside everyone else.

I’ve read a ton of memoirs and this is definitely among my favourites. And it’s not because Day is funny (she is) and it’s not because she name drops and shares personal behind the scene stories you wouldn’t hear about elsewhere (she does), but it’s because I found this book to be so honest and upfront and downright inspiring!

Day is admittedly awkward and not good in social situations and I’m not sure she would consider herself a role model,  but that is exactly what makes me want to put her in that position. She wears her freak flag proudly, she has made a fool of herself many times (and then wrote a book about it) and she has worked incredibly hard to get where she is without compromising what she believes in.

And she has overcome some really serious obstacles. There’s lots of geek chic antidotes here, lots of inside info fans will love, but the end if the book actually gets pretty dark and pretty real and changes the whole tone of things. In a good way. Day seems so relatable and approachable with how she talks about herself. She really obliterates that divide we have between fans and celebrities and somehow manages to really connect with the reader (or me at least) through these words. Something she practices in real life too on social media and at endless conventions. She makes it clear that one on one fan recognition is really important to her and it shows.


What I took from this book is that Day’s career has mostly been about her trying to find a place for her to channel her weird voice, but whether she realizes it or not (she does), in doing so, she has paved the way for so many other voices to be heard. She proved time and time again in this book that she had no insider help, that she is the product of persistence and a vision and downright obsessive determination. Despite all her crazy insecurities, ultimately she did not give one care to anyone else and wouldn’t let anything stand in her way. And that is why she is where she is.

In the few days it took to read this book, I watched all of The Guild and subscribed to Geek and Sundry and Googled so many things referenced in this book. But most importantly, reading this made me feel inspired and empowered. It made me feel invincible and like I can do anything I want if I want it badly enough. She made me feel a part of a community, even though I don’t game, and that’s what this whole crazy internet world is supposed to be about, right?


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August 11, 2015