Book Review: Blood and Salt


ashley | I have been waiting to read Blood and Salt by Kim Liggett since I first read the description. Romeo + Juliet meets Children of the Corn? How can you not want to see how all that unfolds? This comparison created expectations going into this and ultimately, this ended up being nothing what I expected at all.

By the first chapter I assumed this would be a bit like Juliet Immortal, two star crossed lovers buried in some dark forces. But aside from the fated lovers aspect, this really didn’t remind me much of Romeo and Juliet at all. It was far more supernatural, the romance aspect was a huge part of things but it was more of the general essence of fated lovers than focusing too much on two particular lovers. This wasn’t a bad thing, I actually expected the romance part to dominate the story and I was glad it didn’t.

I liked the mix of characters here, twins Ashlyn and Rhyss were a good team, not too alike but had each others backs. I liked Ashlyn’s ailment, the dead girl who haunted her, that was really interesting right from the start. But we don’t get too much out of her, she’s strong and brave and smart, but we don’t get to see a lot of her as a growing character, we just sort of hear how other people describe her.

The only real thoughts she does seem to have for herself are about how she feels about Dane. He was, of course, very swoon worthy. I like the mysterious badboys and Ashlyn’s draw to him didn’t seem overly eager or obsessive to the point where it consumes the story. But I think I ended up liking Dane more in the end, after you see how the story plays out, as he becomes more of a character than just a pretty face giving Ashlyn a reason to live.

I’m actually really surprised with the direction this went in. I wasn’t expecting it to be so rooted in a kind of mythical legend of love and betrayal. I enjoyed the ending much more than the rest of the book, which is great as I have come to expect let-down endings. The whole enchanted  corn, though, I thought was a little bit, well, corny. I had a really hard time with that portion of the novel. Thankfully that wasn’t the be all and end all force behind the story, the other enchanting elements were far stronger and more interesting.

This was highly unique, well written, and some of the more graphic scenes were really creepy. It was a great mix of a love story and a horror story, the kind of bitter-sweetness that you might get when putting together blood and salt. 


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September 22, 2015