Book Review: Cinder

It’s Lunar Chronicles week here on CityGirlScapes, as Veronica anxiously finishes reading Winter, we’re posting her reviews for Cinder, Scarlet and Cress this week! (Ashley devoured Cinder a couple months ago, but she’s far behind on the other books in this series, sadly.)


veronica | I honestly have tried to avoid YA novels simply because, well, I’m a grown woman. But once in a while a series sucks me in and doesn’t let me go. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer did just that with Cinder. I am an avid fan of fairy tales, after all, every girl dreams of her happily ever after. But when a writer can expertly take well known, beloved tales and put a futuristic spin on it, I’m hooked.

Cinder is just your regular girl, if you take away the fact that she is more than just that. She’s a cyborg. Adopted. Talented. Despite being mistreated by her adopted mother, Cinder has a great capacity for love; Peony, her step sister is her best friend. Cinder is a mechanic and her skill is rather known and of course Prince Kai comes to her for help with his android Nainsi.

Set in New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth the story plays out how you expect it to, except for a few things which were a pleasant surprise. The Commonwealth is being ravaged by a plague in which death is most certain. Evil Queen Levana is not happy with ruling just Luna, she also wants the Commonwealth.

As fantastic as this world Meyer created, there’s still a lot left that is unanswered. But seeing as there’s 3 more to come, I’m hoping for clarity by Winter’s end.


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January 3, 2012