Book Review: Scarlet


veronica | I was afraid when I picked up Scarlet by Marissa Meyer that I wouldn’t get to read about Cinder anymore but I was so happy to learn that Scarlet’s story is woven into Cinder’s almost seamlessly. Scarlet picks up exactly where Cinder left off. It was almost as if there’s been no time in between, each sentence brought me back to the Commonwealth and this fantastic sci-fi fairy tale retelling.

Scarlet works with her grandmother on their farm in Rieux, France, but her grandmother has been missing for 2 weeks and the police are of no help. On one of her deliveries, she meets a dreamy yet dangerous man named Wolf (so on the nose, right?). Scarlet feels that something about Wolf isn’t quite right and he really isn’t who he says he is but with time running out and her options limited, she agrees to let him help find her grandmother.

What impressed me most about these two novels so far is how well Meyer has brought two well known tales together while keeping each heroine separate. While I do believe that Scarlet’s character development lacked more than what was put into Cinder’s character, the entirety of the stories together has made The Lunar Chronicles a YA favorite.


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February 5, 2013