Book Review: Cress


veronica | I’m fairly certain I read Cress by Marissa Meyer in a matter of days and that’s a big deal because I don’t have a lot of free time of my own. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t wait to read this one after finishing Scarlet. I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again after I get my hands on a copy of Winter, but The Lunar Chronicles has become one of my favourite YA sci-fi series.

Cress is a Lunar shell, meaning she does not have any magic abilities, and as a baby was given to Thurmaturge Mira to raise. At a young age, Cress had great potential in hacking and was given special treatment, until the day Mira deposited her on a satellite and isolated her from everyone. But treating Cress so doesn’t make her loyal to Mira or Levana, in fact, Cress has been secretly helping Cinder and company.

I am still really pleased with Meyer’s ability to not only introduce new and pivotal characters to this ever expanding tale, but to further develop current ones. The dialogue, quirkiness and mannerisms of each character really made this a pleasure to read. Bonus is that there is blossoming romance between characters but it’s used to develop depth and not thrown in simply because it’s part of a formula.  

At this point, I’m just eagerly awaiting the arrival of Winter, the book not the season!


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February 4, 2014