Book Review: The Lake House


veronica | YES. Thank you so much for writing The Lake House, Kate Morton, and for reminding me why I love your books so. We were lucky enough to get an ARC from Simon & Schuster CA to read before the general public and we were so giddy and happy!

I have read and will continue to read anything Morton writes, heck, if she sent me her grocery list, I’d happily read that too! All joking aside, Morton has the knack and superb ability to seamless weave time and storylines together into one fabulous tale.

There are only so many ways an author can do this yet Morton always finds a way that is not only fresh but enjoyable as well. I have a bad habit of (correctly) guessing how a story will play out but when I read one of Morton’s books, I actively stop myself so I don’t ruin the reveal at the end.

Ultimately, The Lake House is about secrets, decisions and the consequences of them. Each family member is guilty, but of what? Of loving each other so much that they feel they must keep what they witnessed to themselves even if it meant covering up murder?

What makes a book so good that even when each person confesses and you’re sure you know the answer, you’re wrong. And each time, you’re left on the edge of your seat with anxiety and delight. While the ending was a rather neat and tidy bow, I still enjoyed The Lake House very much and it brought me back how I felt about The Forgotten Garden.


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october 20, 2015

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