Book Review: The Flood Girls


ashley | When Simon and Schuster Canada reached out to us for an advance copy of Richard Fifield’s The Flood Girls, they had to go no further than comparing it to A League of Their Own. I grew up playing softball in a small town, I loved that movie more than anything growing up. I haven’t read a ton of books that are sports related, but this definitely sounded like the place to start.

This was a great book, a great look at small towns and the characters that inhabit them. And this book was not lacking character. Or flair. Or colourful, witty, wacky people. There were so many well rounded characters; I don’t even know where to start, so I will just sum it up by saying you will not be disappointed by these kick ass women! They run this town, pretty much. On and off the field!

But what was even better than the characters was the relationships between them. A flamboyant boy who was tormented by his mother’s new boyfriend, who found refuge in a recovering alcoholic who moved back to their small trailer park to make amends with the town, especially her mother, who hated and disowned her. There was so much heavy content, but it was all so beautifully woven together with such heart. There was so much heart in this! I actually teared up at times, which doesn’t happen to me often.

This was one of those coming of age stories where a group of misfits band together to support the underdog and everyone ends up learning and helping and changing each other’s lives. The kind of feel good book that makes you think it’s all going to be okay. Until it isn’t. The ending threw me for a loop. I suspected the outcome as we were lead into it but I thought there was no way… I was wrong. I’m not sure how I felt about it, it made me really sad and I question the direction of it, but it was also kind of bittersweet and left me with a pretty somber feeling when I finished.

Fifield has a great written voice; I definitely want to see what else he puts out there. This is an indescribable read; really, you have to meet these Flood Girls to believe it.

The women of The Flood Girls are such a force to be reckoned with and Simon and Schuster are taking advantage of these kick ass women by sending out these awesome character cards! Exclusive to City Girl Scapes, meet Black Mabel – the town meth head.


(Be sure to follow Simon and Schuster and other The Flood Girl reviews for all the other character cards. I’m telling you, these really are some kick ass women!).


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