Book Review: Gravity Games


veronica | I must say, when we were approached by John Matsui to read his books, Ashley and I split the titles up perfectly. I’m the nerdy foodie and truly appreciated the descriptive writing in Gravity Games.

Nathan Sherlock is not your typical celebrity chef/TV host. He’s got a nose that knows. Not only that but he also never forgets a smell, heck, he’s even got an app to categorize the smells! How delightfully droll. Having lived in Toronto for almost all of my life, I smile broadly when someone sets a story more or less in my city and even more when my hood is mentioned.

Gravity Games is a mystery novel but without all the typical hang ups. Matsui has created a great and lasting character in Nathan Sherlock and sidekick/partner in Bonnie. These two play off so well together that you can’t imagine them ever being apart.

What I found amazing is that part of me really wanted negative gravity to be true! Despite all the characters that were introduced so early on, it was still easy to follow. Any writer that can give depth and life to all these characters and make them not only relatable but have individual goals and ideals can make a story come to life.

Now I can’t wait to see where Nathan’s nose gets him into next. And for the next must try recipe!


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october 25, 2015

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author John Matsui