Book Review: Daughters unto Devils


ashley | Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics promised Little House On The Prairie meets Steven King. I’m not sure if this is the most accurate description, it actually felt a lot more Ammityville Horror to me, though the term horror should be used loosely. There wasn’t a lot of horrific buildup or anything too terrorizing, but when the horror did come, it wasn’t merciful. There were some downright creepy and vividly descriptive scenes that certainly made me cringe.

What did happen was a sixteen year old girl consumed with guilt over losing her mind one winter and then falling pregnant out of wedlock the following winter started to go a little crazy. She thinks. You kind of flip back and forth trying to figure out if what she is experiencing is real or if it’s all because of the shame and guilt she is carrying with her after the mistakes she has made. In that sense, the book carries a pretty strong biblical and religious tone, sins and devils and deserving if punishments for your mistakes. Not really for me, not for everyone, but it did create a nice devil’s advocate to what might or might not be happening here.

This was an easy read; I burned through it quickly, but was left with a lukewarm feeling, even with the last little twist at the end. It was a good story idea and it definitely had some great moments. I really liked the dynamic between the siblings and how they banded together in some really difficult times to survive. But overall some parts just didn’t do it for me. The good vs evil, demons vs inner demons thing just wasn’t what I was expecting, I was counting on something a bit more horrifying, which is why I’m going with this rating.

I would be curious to read something else by Lukavics, though. I definitely think she has a lot to work with and she seems like a cool girl with lots of cool ideas. I’m excited to read what comes next.


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september 29, 2015