Book Review: Hidden Bodies


ashley | Caroline Kepnes’ You utterly creeped me out when I read it last year. I wasn’t expecting such a vivid look into the mind of a psycho stalker. I also wasn’t expecting there to be a sequel until I saw someone else review the follow up Hidden Bodies. This wasn’t something I picked up lightly, but I was very curious to see where else this story would be taken.

I was worried that Hidden Bodies would just re-tell the same story from the first novel, same guy, different girl, another stalking gone wrong. But it’s clear very early that, while our psycho stalker is still pretty psycho, there’s a whole new spin this time around which shows a more vulnerable and unprepared Joe, which was a nice change from the first novel. I liked this fresh look at the familiar character and I liked that it put him totally outside of his comfort zone.

Joe is the kind of narcissist who thinks everyone wants to sleep with him, but reading how he justifies every movement, how he reads too much into every little detail, everything just aligns so properly that it makes you believe that the twisted way he sees the world really is how it is. And his opinions are so curt and exact, I loved some of the comparisons he makes between what he’s witnessing and pop culture. The descriptions are purely soaked in bitterness, especially when he’s in Hollywood. Not to mention how he can act like such a jerk, and still get people to do exactly what he wants them to do. He is good, he is real good. But actually, it’s Kepnes that is good. Kepnes that is genius. This is so cleverly written, so smart. All the pieces seem to fit together so easily, yet at the same time, it makes the story more complex, so much thought must have gone into some of the finer details.

I don’t know how this happened, but this strange and twisted story about a lady-stalking serial killer actually turns into quite the love story. And you actually root for them! You get warm and fuzzy when she accepts him for what and who he is. Love wins!

The title of this book is one of the most accurate titles I’ve seen in a while. The body count is astounding. And it’s kind of great. I got so wrapped up in Joe’s twisted way of thinking, eliminating his problems and obstacles by bashing their heads in and disposing of their bodies. There are some pretty trippy twists, a story that seems almost unbelievable, and you’re kind of in awe and charmed by the way Joe handles himself, the way he justifies and gets away with what he does. He has a very Patrick Bateman vibe about him and I loved it. I feel guilty for loving it, but I loved it.


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TODAY! february 23, 2016

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