Book Review(s): Scarlet & Cress


ashley | Part of my holiday reading plan was to finish off some series I’ve been meaning to read, the first being the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I already had Cinder under my belt and I really enjoyed it, so I was excited to read through Scarlet and Cress and see how this would continue.

I really liked how Meyer brought these two stories together. I thought this was the end of Cinder, but she was still a major player in Scarlet and their storylines intertwined perfectly. The only downside to that was you don’t get to know Scarlet as well as we did Cinder in the first book, her time is shared and limited.

That said, I did really like Scarlet. She was feisty and loyal and she grew herself right into the middle of everything without any hesitation. And I liked her relationship with Wolf. I liked how protective of her he was and that while he was kind if a big bad wolf at one point, he was more if a puppydog when it came to Scarlet and the developed a strong bond.

This was a great second installment, it didn’t feel like the story was dragging or taking too long to get places. It didn’t feel like this was intentionally drawn out either. It didn’t necessarily have the same charm as Cinder, likely because j was already familiar with the world, but it was pretty close.

What I love most about this series is how consistently good it is. The story flows naturally and seamlessly, everything fits like it belongs in the story, characters aren’t added just to advance plot or create drama, they all play an important part.

I liked how Cress was introduced here, I liked how each new character had a chance to build her own storyline within the existing story, even if it doesn’t give her as much depth or time to flush out all the details, each tangent is still enjoyable and character building.

And frankly, every character is a good character. They’re all so different but we’ll developed. With every next book, I just love this series more and more. I can’t wait until I can read Winter.


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