Book Review: The Great Hunt


ashley | I know nothing at all about the Grimm Brothers’ tale The Singing Bone, but when I saw the cover of Wendy Higgins’ adaptation The Great Hunt, I had to have it. It’s so pretty! And the premise sounded promising. Not to mention there’s a handful of redheads and a royal character named Lady Ashley. Every girl wants to see herself in books, am I right?

Oh, I have so much to say about this book. So much love for this book! I enjoyed every page, right from the start. I loved Aerity; she was fierce and independent, not what you would expect from a princess heir to the throne. All the characters were strong and well rounded. Aerity’s siblings and cousins were lively compliments to her character, her platonic friendship with one of the lieutenants added a playful aside, and then the Seabolt brothers brought their own charm and depth to the story. I loved how they all interacted, how they held their own secrets and mutual respect for one another. These characters were really well developed and I wanted nothing more than to befriend them myself. And just when I thought there couldn’t be any more cool characters, in come the Zandalee women. Yes!

Not that you would expect much else from a Brother’s Grimm story, but this story was certainly, well, grim. There was a gothic darkness to it that I loved, though it was also quite creepy. Higgins was able to really personify a sense of fear and grief from her characters and it seeped deep within me as I read through the pages.

I was amused that the majority of this book was about a hunt, something that I can’t say would be of the most interest to me, and yet it was immensely interesting to me. I loved reading about the hunters banding together and working out a plan. I loved how this whole hunt existed to save them all from a horrible beast.

This really does read as a fairy tale, it has the kind of magical feel to it that had me floating through right until the end. I loved the entire feel, the castles, the royalty, the commoners, how they all kind of banded together to defeat this beast. And the flirtatious relationship between Aerity and Paxton; they had that will they won’t they back and forth that is often annoying, but they had good reason for it and there was no desperation in their actions. While this was a large part of the story, it didn’t dominate things. It was the perfect balance that had me swooning for them.

So much swooning, for all of this! I went into this thinking it was a one-off read, but I’m actually really excited that there is more to this. I can’t wait to read the rest. I don’t want to let go of Aerity, or any of these characters really. The women were strong, the men were determined, and the magic was interesting. I really hope that the next installment elaborates a bit more on the Lashed and this magic, it was kind of a forbidden essence in this book and there wasn’t too much focus on it, but I think there’s a ton that can be explored within it. Oh, I can’t wait to reunite with these characters!


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