Book Review: Edge of Eternity


veronicaFirst off, I want to be clear that I am not a history major in the slightest. Other than a few huge events, I probably didn’t remember any of the other things that have happened. But I also went into Edge of Eternity, Ken Follett’s conclusion to The Century Trilogy, with an open mind as I knew I was reading fiction based around actual events. Follett’s characterization of certain figureheads may have turned more than a few people’s opinions of them but perhaps readers should realize that a writer has to have a stand point and most importantly, it’s FICTION.

The reason why I’ll always read any of Follett’s novels is simply how he is able to expertly introduce and create so many interesting characters from nothing and somehow make me care about them. This is no different with Edge of Eternity. This final installment of The Century Trilogy doesn’t quite stand up to Fall of Giants but it was still enjoyable despite how large an undertaking it was.

After reading over 3000 pages in a series, I couldn’t help but become emotionally invested in so many of the families. I thought the idea of following 5 families throughout the trilogy was a brilliant move by Follett. Seeing how certain families expand, helping when war broke out, and pushing boundaries made all the events real. While the events actually occurred, the character’s reaction to them was pieces of fantastical fiction.

There were many times when reading Edge of Eternity did I want to scream at JFK and tell him not to go to Dallas or MLK to not go to Alabama. Where I was rather disappointed in Follett’s writing was his treatment of these major political events. They were rushed and the subsequent fall-out was poorly handled as well.

Now, I did immensely enjoy this series and was sad to see it end. What did disappoint me the most was the ending. More than a few characters did not get a proper wrap up to their story despite playing a large role. But I suppose I can’t get it all.


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september 16, 2014