Book Review: Two if by Sea


ashley | The opening of Two if by Sea by Jacqueline Mitchard is a powerful thing. Her mere words that describe the tsunami towering over the city have such a force, you feel the horrific impact yourself, just witnessing the event on the page. Unfortunately, for me, that force didn’t carry through the entire story.

I did enjoy the story, don’t get me wrong, but I had a bit of trouble with the flow. Keeping in mind that this is an advanced copy and not fully finished, I just felt that there were points that got stuck and then jumped forward too quickly to compensate, one minute you’re here and the next sentence you’re there. It threw me off a couple of times. I think this sort of drew out how long it took for me to get into the book, if I ever really did get into this book at all.

I really liked the story about the boys, Ian and Collin, though. This was a great, heart wrenching, suspenseful story with a bit of Supernatural mixed in. These boys were what kept the story moving and what gave the other characters time to shine. You saw some of the greatest (and weakest) moments as a result of these two boys and I thought that was really great. The way two helpless beings can bring together an entire family is a powerful thing. This is what kept me going through the book.

That said, I felt that things dragged a lot during the middle when Frank got caught up coaching an Olympic rider and the focus shifted to the horses and this new budding relationships in his life. All of this is a big part of his life and the kids new life, bit it drew the focus away from where I wanted to go and honestly, I felt that the relationships didn’t seem natural and it didn’t do anything to build Frank’s character. In fact, I found him the most heartless when it came to situations concerning love and his heart and affection. At least towards his new love interest. I never once questioned his love or dedication to the boys.

But things fall back to the kids and the last half of the book moves pretty quickly. My desire for answers and action was satisfied, but I can’t help but feel an overall lukewarm feeling after reading this. There were elements that were very magical and enchanting, but none of that really translated to the book itself. I didn’t really have much to connect to and as such, this didn’t really work for me.


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today! march 15, 2016

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