Book Review: The Sisters


ashley | I’ve been eyeing The Sisters by Claire Douglas in my to read pile for some time and I kept getting pulled away from it. Finally, I put my foot down and picked it up and my head hasn’t stopped spinning.

What I thought was going to be a story of a sister coming to terms with the terrible death of her twin sister took on a much darker and single-white-female slash Cruel Intentions vibe and boy did I love it. There were so many secrets alluded to and different theories I could put together but these two strangers who came into Abi’s life, Bea and Ben, they were larger than life and far more intriguing than you’d ever expect.

One of the things I love most about books is when they completely surprise me and throw me off. I like to think I’m pretty clever and keep on top of things, but The Sisters was quite the mind trip. These characters were so pathologically manipulative, so controlling and desperately insecure and seeking attention from one another that I had absolutely no idea who was pulling the strings. I couldn’t figure out if people were just being paranoid, or if they were intentionally stirring trouble or if they were all losing their minds. This was such a cluster of confusion and secrets and lies, I got pulled right into it and caught up in the entire mess. It was great.

I certainly didn’t expect the  ending. It definitely was a bit stomach turning, but it added an almost unreal, mind blowing desperate obsession to the motives and the secrets and was just kind of… wow. This was certainly much more than I was expecting and it really kept me on my toes, making me second guess the intentions and truths behind any new face I randomly run into.


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august 13, 2015