ARC Book Review: Dreamology


ashley | For someone who has incredibly vivid dreams pretty regularly, Dreamology by Lucy Keating immediately struck a chord with me. I’ve always been fascinated with dreams and how much they are influenced by or connect with reality, so I was super excited to read this.

My initial fear was that this would end up being kind of silly. An easy and light read, but silly. It is easy and light, but Keating roots her dreamology in science and there are a lot of passages that explain brain activity and theories about dreams. I found all of this very interesting and am really glad this was the route the book took. It can still be fun and lightweight with science attached to it and I found this gave the story a lot more depth than it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The characters were great and entertaining. Alice was a spunky teenager, she’s had a few tough things to overcome and just moved to a new city and started a new school, but she’s pretty level headed and doesn’t hide who she is, which I admire. Her dream‐turned-reality love interest Max was far more interesting in her dreams, which is probably the point. I didn’t much like his real‐life character at first and I didn’t much like how he treated Alice or how he had this kind of hot and cold back and forth thing going on. In fact, I was a much bigger fan of Alice’s new friend Oliver than Max, I was far more entertained by Alice’s adventures with Oliver and wish he was more prominent in her life. He might have grown old if he had a bigger role, but man I liked Oliver.

That said, as is to be expected, I was definitely rooting for Max and Alice towards the end. This actually turned into a very cute love story with a ton of heart and a lot of depth. It was kind of like that whimsical love at first sight, but there were a ton of complications and things to overcome and it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t simple, it touched on some really difficult and thought provoking questions about life and love that don’t come up a lot in these kinds of lightweight YA books.

Let’s not forget the dreams themselves, though. It required a lot of creativity and imagination to come up with these unrealistic and dream‐like scenes that seem just crazy enough to be a dream, but real enough to tie into the characters and the story. Keating does a wonderful job with all of this and I really enjoyed these scenes and the whole magical feel surrounding them.

Keating has created the perfect balance between dreams and reality and wrapped it all up in this cute and fun and interesting story. I especially loved the last lines… which I won’t spoil, but it tied everything up so perfectly. There’s nothing left for me to do now but close this computer, curl up and let my own dreams take me away.


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april 12, 2016

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