Book Review: Bookishly Ever After


ashley | I adore books about books, I’ve said it a million times before, so reading the description for Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira, I felt like I couldn’t continue, in good faith, being a book reviewer if I didn’t read this book. I feel like it sums up nearly all of our book loving lives!

Granted, I’m pretty sure I’m not the reader demographic for this, it takes place in high school, it’s very much about high school crushes and dances and boys, things that I don’t relate to at 31 (things I really didn’t relate to much in high school either, to be honest). After a while, the whole boy crazy thing gets a bit tiring. But books are such whimsical, magical things and this kind of bubble gum backdrop adds to the dreamy feel that Phoebe has for books. Her head is in the clouds, in her books, on a daily basis and the lighthearted feel of the tone perfectly matches that.

I loved Phoebe and all her bookish nerdiness. Some of the words out of her mouth or thoughts about books in general definitely echo my own conversations. As I’m sure many of us bookworms would agree. Eventually her cluelessness about real life started to wear on me, but I did enjoy how much she loved books and how this story addressed that passion and how it overlaps reality.

Bandeira didn’t just write a book, she also came up with characters and plots for books within the book, all of which had a personality and life of their own. It’s an interesting feat, though part of me wished I had a more personal relationship with the books and authors that Phoebe was obsessed with, that I had read the books myself and understood the references intimately. That said, I’m pretty sure she has a future writing those books in full if she’s ever in need of another story idea. They were already so well thought out; anyone who reads this will eat them up.

I was really excited about this book and it started strong, but I got lost somewhere around the middle. It was cute seeing Phoebe start to learn how to flirt and fumble through the lessons she learned from her books, but this is where the readership demographic differences weigh heavily. I ended up being more annoyed by the high school back and forth and found it difficult to read with interest and vigor.

However, this was a very cute and lighthearted read, something I think a lot of bookish people can relate to and appreciate, and it did a great job at being that whimsical book about books and bookish happily ever afters.


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january 19, 2016

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